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Turnings Plus, LLC was established in 2019 and specializes in precision machining in a variety of commercial industries. These industries include aerospace, food manufacturing, printing, gear manufacturing, and automotive industry. Since start up, Turnings Plus staff professionals has received considerable customer recognition for their commitment to quality and on time delivery of product. 

We continue to put quality of parts at the top of our priority list. Our mission is to offer competitive pricing that meets the high-quality demands of our customers, but also provides a personalized interaction to help build partnership with our customers. We don't just perform transactions but strive to create last partnerships with our customers tailored to their needs within the industries that they serve. 

Our current location in Washington MO contains a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with the latest technology of manufacturing equipment. We work with all material types from nickel alloys to plastics. We believe that Turnings Plus can provide a solution to the high demand for skilled labor within the machine tool industry by completing not only large production orders but also machining for specialized prototype parts as well. We offer personalized delivery services for customers that require a quick turn around time on parts. We are here to make the process easier for customers and partnership is always a top priority when building new relationships. 


At Turnings Plus, we see BEYOND ROUND. We see potential to lead the machining industry into a new era of thinking. To push beyond the limits of current technology and think of solutions that are outside of our comfort zone. Beyond round means to think beyond the scope of traditional machining and find a solution that exceeds customer expectations and sets a new benchmark for future project solutions.




Amber’s background is in the medical industry where she learned how to sell and manage a business.  She holds a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science and a MBA, with a concentration in management.  She brings a wealth of business acumen to the business and is focused on growing the business and connecting with customers on a personal level.



Chad has over 15 years of CNC machining experience and manufacturing management. He received his Associates Degree in Machine Tool, from Linn State Technical College.  His ability to program and run the CNC machines has helped build a solid workflow within the shop.  His attention to details and focus on quality is what makes our parts stand out among the competition. His focus is on providing customer with the highest-quality parts on time every time.

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