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2019 | Establishment

Turnings Plus was established on April 9,2021.  Our first lathe was delivered on July 19th, 2021 and the first part was made July 28th.



We are excited to announce that we are integrating a new shop management platform, JobBoss, into our business! This latest upgrade enables us to streamline our shop processes, inventory management system, and financial process to ensure on-time delivery of quality parts.  

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In May we broke ground on a 3,500sq ft expansion project.  We’re anxious to add the much-needed space, which allows us to expand our precision machining operations, reorganize our stock material, and improve our shop layout for a more efficient workflow, while also allowing for future growth.

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erp implementation

 In May, after uploading a transferring all of our of data and undergoing necessary staff training, we’re thrilled to be up and running with JobBoss! 

2021 | building expansion - completed

As highlighted in previous news, Turnings Plus broke ground on a 3,500sq ft addition to our main building with the purpose of expanding our precision machining operations, reorganizing our stock material, and allowing for future growth.  We were able to move into that new space in April. Now with the added space and improved work flow we are on track for growth in the months and years ahead.

new machines

In July, we installed a brand-new Okuma CNC Lathe.  We’re committed to our customers and have seen the need to expand our machining capabilities.  We are heard our customers and the need to provide them with cost-efficient, high-quality parts, with quicker turnaround times.

2022 | focus on growth

As part of our strategic growth plan, we are committed to expanding our machining capabilities by adding more machinery to improve efficiency and increase capacity.  Our focus is also improving our quality control department by adding a vision system.  Increased capacity, improved workflow, and enhancements to our quality control department will allow us to expand our footprint while also continuing to provide cost competitive, high-quality parts.

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