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ACCEPTANCE This order is the buyers offer to the seller, and acceptance is limited to its terms.  Buyer shall not be bound to terms or conditions other than those stated on this order


QUALITY The Supplier shall implement and maintain a quality management system which conforms to the requirements of AS 9100 or a suitable system as required by drawing or purchase order.  Turnings Plus, LLC reserves the right to audit the supplier for compliance to this requirement. Suppliers shall also implement and enforce a written Counterfeit Parts Prevention and Control Plan designed to preclude, detect, and remove any counterfeit materials/components from all deliveries to Turnings Plus, LLC Seller must flow down to sub-tier all applicable requirements supplied by Buyer.


RIGHT OF ENTRY During the performance of this order, all applicable areas of all facilities at any level of the supply chain are subject to review, verification and analysis by Turnings Plus, LLC (or our customer) representatives and/or authorized government representatives.


RECORDS      The supplier shall maintain manufacturing/inspection records for a period of ten years that the item identified on this order has been produced in accordance with applicable instructions, specifications, and drawings.  The evidence shall be available for inspection by Turnings Plus, LLC upon request.          


CHANGES Please complete or satisfy all applicable operations and specifications to the most current revision levels unless otherwise stated on the PO. Any departure from drawings, specifications or purchase order requirements including changes in product and/or applicable processes must be presented to Turnings Plus, LLC for disposition or approval prior to shipment from your facility. If Seller or key sub-tier suppliers transfer any of its manufacturing of Goods, Seller shall notify Buyer prior to relocation.


DOCUMENTATION The supplier shall submit test data, signed by an authorized representative, for all raw materials, identifying lot/batch number and Turnings Plus LLC’s purchase order number for traceability.  All processing services, hardware, fasteners, etc purchased to a specification or standards number shall be documented with a certification of compliance, identifying Turnings Plus LLC’s purchase order number, and signed by an authorized representative. All tooling calibration certifications must include NIST traceability.


Please complete or satisfy all applicable operations and specifications to the most current revision levels unless otherwise stated on the PO. Certifications should reflect accordingly.


SHELF LIFE MATERIALS Shelf life materials must have at least 75% of shelf life remaining upon arrival at Turnings Plus, LLC.  Shelf life data must be provided with each shipment documenting manufacturing and expiration dates.


SHIPMENT Inspection reports and shippers shall reference all part numbers included on the reports of shippers by Turnings Plus, LLC part number, purchase order number and applicable specifications used for performing the processing.


CORRECTIVE ACTION Upon written notification from Turnings Plus, LLC, the supplier shall provide written response to corrective action requests within 5 working days.


CODE OF BUSINESS CONDUCT AND ETHICS The Supplier shall adopt a code of ethical business conduct suitable to its business and abide by Supplier’s Code.  The Supplier’s Code should require that Supplier comply with all pertinent laws and regulations, and address Supplier’s policies including, but not limited to, workplace health and safety, labor standards, protection of the environment and resources, product safety and quality, export, human trafficking, and anti-corruption. 

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